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Home Automation

Home automation is about complete home control and the ultimate convenience, safety, and fun of being able to control your entire home with the touch of a button. When you utilize home automation, you’ll be able to access your entire home from a centralized control panel, or in the palm of your hand through an app. When the technology in your home operates synergistically, your life can become more simple, streamlined, and stress-free.

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Home Theatre

Experience the specter of the big screen in the comfort of your own home. Watch movies on a life-size projector screen with heart-throbbing surround sound.

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Multiroom Audio/Video

Multiroom audio/video also known as distributed audio/video is comprised of hardware and software. It allows the user complete freedom to select and change which audio or video stream plays in each room.


Smart Lighting

A lighting control system creates the ability for all of a home's lighting to be controlled together. For instance, one button press can turn off lights in the entire home. Smart lighting is integral to any automation system.

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Networking is an essential service to ensure your internet connection is strong enough to handle the demands put on it. With all of your devices interconnected, the strain on your network can cause potential freezing and interruptions. Network services from us are a permanent solution, giving you hardwire connections and improved WIFI so your signal will be strong, no matter where you are.

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Alarm systems protect yourself and your valuables from fires, floods, and burglars. This system is monitored 24/7 and designed to safeguard your home while you are asleep, at work, on vacation or away.

  • Does A Control System Have To Be Expensive?
    No, it doesn’t. The cost of a control system will depend a lot on what you want to be controlled and the systems you want to use. We can work with your budget and assist you in choosing the system that works well for you.
  • What Area Do You Service?
    We are a based out of Brampton but service the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities. Give us a call and we can discuss your project.
  • Do I Have To Incorporate All Of Your Services?
    Not at all! We are happy to work on any size of project. Whether you need just one of our services or a variety, we can get the job done.
  • When Do I Contact You In Regards To My A/V System?
    The best time to get in touch is during the planning/design stage. We always say the earlier the better. We can assist you in planning and design to guarantee the best results possible.
  • Do You Offer Repair/Maintenance Services?
    Yes, we believe in after sales support and continuously service the systems we’ve installed. If you have an existing system we can also evaluate and service it.
  • Is An A/V System Expensive?
    The cost of any a/v system will depend a lot on equipment selection and client preferences. We can work with your budget and build a system that works well for you.
  • What Is Home Automation?
    Home automation combines all the technology in your home to communicate with one another. From Light switches, to automated drapes, to adjusting the temperature and remotely turning off the TV's in your home; home automation gives you the control and convenience to control it all right from your phone.
  • I Am Ready To Get Started, Where Do I Begin?
    Head over to our Contact Us page and fill out our form or give us a call. We can discuss what your vision is and schedule you in for a free consultation. Our goal is to make things easy for you so we will walk you through all the steps and work to bring your vision to life.



Don't settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary. Join the satisfied homeowners who have entrusted their homes to AV Creations and witness the magic of impeccable workmanship and attention to detail. Let's create a living space that reflects your personality and exceeds your expectations.

Contact AV Creations today to schedule a consultation and embark on a transformative home improvement experience. Your dream home awaits!

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